About Vietnam

Since Dragon Capital was established in 1994, the nation has visibly evolved from bikes through to motorbikes and now cars. Vietnam is centuries of material development compressed into decades.

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Vietnam continues to be one of Asiaa��s most compelling investment stories. With 94 million people a�� 41% of whom are aged under 25 a�� this young and dynamic country is the worlda��s 15th most populous.

Vietnam benefits from excellent demographics, an entrepreneurial culture, abundant resources, a largely coastal population living on its long seaboard, and a strategic location bordering China in the north.

Consistently growing by close to 7% annually, Vietnam is rapidly transforming into an export powerhouse...

Vietnama��s lower wages and operating costs are allowing med advice it to capture manufacturing business from China. At the same time, newly signed trade agreements and internal reforms are making it ever easier for foreign companies to do business here.

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Consistently growing by close to 7% annually, Vietnam is rapidly transforming into an export powerhouse with a thriving domestic consumer market to match. As a place to invest, the country continues to offer extraordinary potential. Get The Facts cheap essay writing service.

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Our People
Coming from different backgrounds, countries and cultures, Dragon Capital's team of professionals offer unique investing skills and experience.
Responsible investment
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues can influence investment risk and portfolio performance. At Dragon Capital, we therefore integrate ESG considerations into every stage of the investment process.